Malibu Sanity Pinot noir is the result of extraordinary care of a very finicky grape which is gently processed using state of the art technology. It is then fermented in Sirigue French Oak barrels from France's Allier Forest providing a medium elegante note to the wine.

Handpicked solely from our carefully tended vineyard above Paradise Cove, this 2010 Pinot noir is a romantic and primal wine characteristic of fine French burgundies: strong yet subtle, earthy with intense aromas reminiscent of pomegranate, currants and cinnamon; a home coming for your senses.
100 cases produced

**Malibu Sanity Pinot noir is a very romantic wine.**

It pairs well with grilled salmon, roast chicken, or any afternoon breeze. Be sure to have it on hand for Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion.

Our Pinot noir sells out every year. By the way, did you know that the proper spelling of Pinot noir always contains a lower case "n" in the second word?

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