How it all began...

In 2004, the Schetters came upon a beautiful piece of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu in which to raise their family. The climate and soil conditions seemed unusually good for grape production. They undertook a year-long study of the terroir with experts near and far. Charles began his own study of Enology and Viticulture through courses at UC Davis and sought counsel from some of the best vintners throughout California. Located about a mile away from the whitewater break of Paradise Cove, the vineyard receives moderately hot temperatures with cooling afternoon breezes and evening fog. Focusing on the site's unique characteristics, the optimal grape varieties were selected, ensuring proper acidity, color and varietal flavor.

Pinot noir and Chardonnay were perfectly matched to the location, orientation and conditions. The rootstock selected for the grapevines was 101-14. Upon this, 3 clones were grafted from Burgundy for the Pinot noir, (116, 667 & 777 in specific balance according to the microclimate within the vineyard), and 2 Burgundian clones for the Chardonnay (96 & 124). For the initial 2 years, Charles worked daily in the vineyard, personally managing the pruning, care and growth of the vines. Frequently he would wake before the sunrise to catch 3-4 hours in the morning before heading to work. In every year since, Charles has personally managed and labored in the vineyard. Pruning, monitoring, irrigating, assessing, harvesting and even driving the grapes himself in a refrigerated truck to the pressing facilities! It is extremely rare to find a vintner that personally does the labor and demonstrates the level of expertise and involvement of Charles Schetter. This translates distinctly in the expression of the wine and the unfolding of its development with each successive vintage... and they invite you to join them on this journey


Overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California
Situated on a ridge between Ramirez Canyon and Escondido Falls
One mile away from Paradise Cove beach... you will find Sanity.

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